viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2016

Queer Museum (Video Art) by Garbi KW

QUEER MUSEUM is a reflection as a catalog of sensations that I did wrong trying to expose my electronic journals in physical form.

The artists involved with new media are in a present that not able to adapt to new distribution formats, increasing job insecurity, impacting the sector in our time. New discourses that deny the artistic object replacing multimedia experience with which one can hardly speculate, distanced collectors, galleries and museums in the actual creator, who at the same time is making use of the virtual tools and also need infrastructure.

With the advent of internet, this new virtual place to conquer, the artists believed that they have been born an unprecedented revolution in service of a more advanced and diversity than ever to have access to real democratization of culture and information. But nothing was further from reality, back to fall into the traps of large companies that can buy your visibility and driving opinion towards your benefit, and wandering into the web of social networks to promote ideas that kill with all of this and their might to be banal and the comments on microcommunities sponsored by multinational turn, and despite expressing now is easier than ever to keep playing on their turf and by their rules and get the viewer is still a battle to hit book in an area with few economical resources.

Currently the artist in the network as in a diffuse and often denying art and being an artist. function to create the soul so that new technologies are alive and cold media tools and their ability to question and to reflect on the present and new media, may be losing force to find solutions and not dignifying this task as a profession, reflecting in intellectual future poorer than ever.

The solution to this situation can only go through an education in the schools more artistic and thoughtful and the alliance of artists for its new space ceases to be diffuse and consolidated as something really solid that breaks the chains of the explicit and obsolete ballasts who continues to diffuse its new representation.