viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2016

I'm Not a Popstar (Video Art) by Garbi KW

There was a time long ago before the advent of the MP3 and the Internet, where the music was a very profitable business.

Discs were the work of publicists, photographers, stylists and producers with few scruples and infallible templates able to succeed as a POPSTAR to the most denied one at this topic.

Currently I am surprised to find independent artists still dream by signing with multinationals that thank God have failed to adapt to new media and have stopped creating disposable plastic postmodern Frankensteins that don't contribute to add anything new.

I'm surprised the role that continues today of POPSTAR outdated, false modernity, plagiarism on plagiarism, who repeated the word love so much that wore out without contributing anything new to the art.