viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2016

Alicia VideoLooking by Garbi KW (Video Art)

Alicia VideoLooking is a piece of video art directed by Garbi KW which is as abstract thinking taking shape from the delusions of creation.

Alice is the protagonist in a dramatic struggle with the contemporary audiovisual world, ceasing to be a martyr for the media to reach profound conclusions through the suffering and liberation.

In the course of the play we see represented the beauty and destruction as kindred spirits and research as a means of artwork in itself. This results in Alicia frustration at being trapped in a maze of thoughts without truth or absolute answers.

Alicia feels a dream of herself and decides to take an active role in creation it's disoriented and takes into madness and a work that ends up having a life.

This piece comes to an absolute visual discourse and narrative closely linked to music, to recreate the interior world of changes, destructuring and naked truths, such as art as positive destruction to the renewal and a commitment which we made over the world are living and represent.